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Overview: Website & Email Hosting in the Cloud

Powered by Stack Harbor’s resilient, enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure, our website hosting plans run on the stable, secure and robust Cloud Linux operating system and are available in packages and sizes to meet the needs of individuals, SMB and enterprise alike.

cPanel/WHM with Paper Lantern

Resilient cloud infrastructure

SSH access protected by CloudLinux

SSL & PCI compliant business plans

Blazing fast, distributed SSD storage

24/7 customer support


Premium, cloud-enabled Website Hosting to meet individual, business and high traffic needs.

Hosting Plan

USD $10/month

  • 5GB SSD Storage
  • 15 Email Users
  • Host 1 Domain
  • Shared IPv4
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Large Business
Hosting Plan

USD $30/month

  • 50GB SSD Storage
  • 250 Email Users
  • Host 10 Domains
  • Dedicated IPv4
  • Supports SSL Certificate
  • Fully PCI Compliant
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cPanel Servers

Starting at $180/month

  • Dedicated cPanel/WHM Servers
  • Root-level administrative access
  • 100% Cloud Infrastructure
  • Scalable on Demand
  • Fully Managed
  • Proactive Monitoring
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*All website hosting plans include 50GB of bandwidth per month.

cPanel + LiteSpeed + CloudLinux

cPanel enhanced with CloudLinux Security + LiteSpeed Performance

Combining superior security, rock-solid system stability and virtual resource allocation, CloudLinux, which is at the core of Stack Harbor’s cloud-based cPanel infrastructure, ensures your shared hosting environment is optimized to securely host your website and email while maximizing performance. With cloud-like resource monitoring & allocation, unrestricted SSH access and virtual tenancy isolation, CloudLinux bridges traditional cPanel website hosting with the power inherent in a cloud-enabled environment without requiring complex system administration expertise.


Cloud-enabled Website Hosting

Simple Website Management

Powered by cPanel. Stack Harbor’s Website Hosting is controlled via a user-friendly, web-based customer management interface. Simplifying complex website tasks such as database backup, email address management and disk space calculation, the ease-of-use inherent in this solution requires no prior web admin experience.

SSL & PCI Compliance for Businesses

Increase customer confidence by meeting all server-related PCI compliance requirements. By providing dedicated IP addresses and options ranging from shared, domain validated or extended validation SSL certificates, your end-users will comfort in knowing that their transactions and data are safeguarded.

Automatic Failure Recovery

Intelligent, self-healing cloud infrastructure continuously monitors hardware assets and provides peace-of-mind with automatic failover protection. In the event of failure or an unresponsive hypervisor, virtualized services are automatically and seamlessly rerouted to standby resources, ensuring maximum uptime.

Resilient Cloud Infrastructure

Eliminating any single point of failure, Stack Harbor’s Website Hosting Services rest upon agile cloud infrastructure engineered to offer resiliency and redundancy at all power, network and hardware layers. And with unrestricted SSH access, you will be in full control over all of the features and power at your disposal.

Unique focus on Canadian SMB & SME

Being Canadian-owned and operated is not only reflected in a strategic location offering low-latency direct peering to Canadian, American and Western European service providers, but also in our strict adherence to data privacy regulations and our commitment to green energy. Proudly headquartered in Montreal, Stack Harbor provides local, regional and national SMB & SME with a resilient Canadian cloud hosting solution.


What sets Stack Harbor’s Website Hosting apart?

While shared hosting providers are a dime-a-dozen, not only is Stack Harbor a homegrown, Canadian hosting provider, but we also leverage the power of cloud technology to ensure your webhosting services are not only easy-to-use and manage, but resilient as well.

Included with every plan:

  • cPanel/WHM
  • Responsive Paper Lantern UI
  • CloudLinux Kernel Security
  • User-selectable PHP version, modules & PHP configuration
  • Unrestricted SSH access
  • Google Apps integration
  • 1-Click CloudFlare CDN integration

Stack Harbor benefits:

  • Direct-peering to Canadian ISPs
  • Direct-peering to USA/Western Europe networks
  • 100% Cloud-based infrastructure
  • Ultra-responsive SSD-based
  • PCI Compliance, SSL Security & Dedicated IP (optional)
  • Continuous Data Protection (optional)

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the server hosting my website goes down?

Answer: One of the benefits of a cloud-based website hosting solution is that by using redundant, virtualized machines, any hardware failure is immediately bypassed by your processes being automatically transferred to redundant standby hardware

Will I have root access to my Cloud Server?

Answer: Yes, you will have full root access to your virtual private servers.

How do I manage my Cloud Servers and add-on services?

Answer: Managing your Cloud Servers is easy, with the ability to stop, start, reboot and adjust your server directly through your web browser and Stack Harbor’s easy-to-use customer management interface.