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Flexible Virtualized Servers in the Cloud

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With just a few clicks, in minutes you can deploy, virtualized cloud servers running Windows or Linux, or choose from an extensive library of turn-key web applications, control panels and development environments.

Intuitive Server Management

Use On-Demand (Hourly Pricing)

Redundant Failover Protection

Cloud-Based Firewall Security

Docker Container Support

Windows, Linux & FreeBSD

High IOPS: All-Flash SSD Storage

KVM VirtIO Virtualization

IPv4 & IPv6 Public Network


Cloud Servers: Redundant, Resilient & Distributed

Simplified Management

Cloud servers are easily managed via an intuitive web-based customer interface. From accessing support to account management, a single pane of glass provides full control over all of your resources, allowing for simple provisioning, management and scaling of your cloud services.

Flexible Deployment

Choose from a wide selection of pre-defined virtual server sizes to create a virtual environment tailored to your needs. Billed by the hour, users pay only for the cloud servers and resources used, for the amount of time used, with no term commitments.

Extensive OS Support

With a library of 32 bit & 64 bit Windows and Linux operating systems, Stack Harbor allows you to customize your virtual machine and build an environment unique to your processes and applications. Choose from CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu and a host of popular Linux distributions or opt for licensed Windows Server based solutions.

Turnkey Stacks

Designed with both development and production environments in mind, ready to deploy virtual machine software stacks ranging from WordPress or popular content management systems, to more complex environments like LAMP, Ruby or Python development stacks, are all available for rapid turnkey deployment.

Automatic Failover

Intelligent, self-healing infrastructure continuously monitors hardware assets and provides peace-of-mind with automatic failover protection. In the rare event of failure, server processes are automatically migrated to standby hardware ensuring maximum availability.

Resilient Infrastructure

Eliminating single point of failures, Stack Harbor’s cloud infrastructure is engineered to offer resiliency and redundancy at all power, network and hardware layers, backed by SSAE16 SOC II Type II certification with direct peering throughout North America and Europe.

Distributed SSD storage delivers IOPS and data protection

With tremendous I/O demands created by modern virtualized environments, conventional SAS based SAN storage systems simply can't provide the necessary IOPS to deliver your cloud workloads seamlessly. By leveraging enterprise grade Intel SSD technology, Stack Harbor’s distributed storage systems not only deliver the necessary IOPS and disk performance, but ensure resilience, hardware-independent distribution and redundancy for every byte of data stored.

Turnkey Stacks

Rapid OS & Application Deployment

Ready-to-deploy OS, container and application software stacks suited for all types of virtualized hosting environments.