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Virtualized Infrastructure (IaaS)

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Enjoy the benefits of your own virtual data center and the flexibility of multiple, interconnectable, scalable VMs working in parallel or independently. Ideal for agencies, development teams, or collaborative groups with shared projects or deployments, Elastic Cloud is also well suite for hosting large scale production web applications, SaaS or mobile app back-ends.

Using virtual load-balancers, auto-resource scaling, internal private networking and automatic provisioning of new VMs; complex, distributed full-stack applications with fluctuating or unpredictable demand can be hosted with confidence and scaled with ease.

Deploy & Rescale Instances On Demand

Automatically Adjust Resources

Private Networking

Live Incremental Backups

Canadian Cloud Presence

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Flexible Virtual Data Center in the Cloud

Simplified Management

Stack Harbor’s Public Cloud IaaS is easily managed via an intuitive web-based customer interface. From accessing support to account management, a single pane of glass provides full control over all of your resources, allowing for simple provisioning, management and scaling.

Flexible Deployment

Stack Harbor’s elastic cloud resources help to accommodate shifting use-case scenarios. Billed by the hour, Stack Harbor’s Public Cloud IaaS users pay only for the cloud resources used, for the amount of time used, and nothing more.

Extensive OS Support

With a broad library of 32 bit & 64 bit Windows and Linux operating systems, Stack Harbor allows you to customize your virtual machine and build an environment tailored to your needs. Choose from CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu or a host of other popular Linux distributions or opt for licensed Windows Server based solutions.

Turnkey Stacks

Designed with both development and production environments in mind, ready to deploy virtual machine software stacks ranging from WordPress or popular content management systems, to more complex environments like LAMP, Ruby or Python development stacks, are all available for rapid turnkey deployment.

Advanced Networking
Exclusive Elastic Cloud Benefit

Benefit from full support for public IPv4 & IPv6 assignments, shared or dedicated private IPv4 networking and multiple IP allocation to a single virtual machine. Choose to employ user-managed, cloud-based VM firewalls, or VM load-balancers and ensure your elastic cloud is fully optimized.

Adaptive Resources
Exclusive Elastic Cloud Benefit

Adapting to your workload and changes in traffic patterns, virtual machines can automatically scale up and down based on user-defined parameters. Meeting demand during spikes and decreasing capacity during off-hours, intelligent scaling will help save on resource costs, and eliminate the guesswork in capacity planning.

Automatic Failover

Intelligent, self-healing infrastructure continuously monitors hardware assets and provides peace-of-mind with automatic failover protection. In the rare event of failure, server processes are automatically migrated to standby hardware ensuring maximum availability.

Resilient Infrastructure

Eliminating any single point of failure, Stack Harbor’s Public Cloud service is engineered to offer resiliency and redundancy at all power, network and hardware layers, backed by SSAE16 SOC II Type II certification with direct peering throughout North American and Europe.

Distributed SSD storage delivers IOPS and data protection

With tremendous I/O demands created by modern virtualized environments, conventional SAS based SAN storage systems simply can't provide the necessary IOPS to deliver your cloud workloads seamlessly. By leveraging enterprise grade Intel SSD technology, Stack Harbor’s distributed storage systems not only deliver the necessary IOPS and disk performance, but ensure resilience, hardware-independent distribution and redundancy for every byte of data stored.

Cloud Compute Pricing

Compute Resources

Compute resources can be combined in flexible quantities to accommodate any unique cloud server requirements.

Processor (per vCore)
Up to 16 vCores per server
USD $12.60/month
USD $0.0174966/hour
Memory (per GB)
Up to 128GB per server
USD $5.04/month
USD $0.007/hour

Storage - Tier 1 SSD (High Performance)

High Performance Tier 1 SSD storage provides the throughput and IOPS necessary to host high-traffic applications with ultra low latency. This storage tier is designed to act as primary disk storage for cloud servers. Disk storage and input/output operations (IOPS) are billed based on total usage per month.

Tier 1 SSD Storage (per GB)
High IOPS available on demand
USD $0.24/month
USD $0.00033333/hour

Storage - Tier 2 Magnetic (High Capacity)

High Capacity Tier 2 Magnetic storage provides the capacity needed for large storage workloads at a lower price point when High IOPS isn't required. This storage tier is designed to act as secondary disk storage for cloud servers, for content storage or backup workloads. Disk storage and input/output operations (IOPS) are billed based on total usage per month.

Tier 2 Magnetic Storage (per GB)
IOPS available on demand
USD $0.08/month
USD $0.00011111/hour
Tier 2 Magnetic IOPS USD $0.10/MILLION IOPS

Public Network

Allocate your servers multiple IPv4 or IPv6 public network addresses.

Public IPv4 USD $4.321month or USD $0.00600000/hour
Public IPv6 Free

Public network traffic is billed at the following rates.

Data Sent USD $0.07/GB
Data Received USD $0.01/GB

All cloud servers include a free 100Mbps public network interface. Optionally this can be upgraded up to 1000Mbps.

Scale up to 1000Mbps USD $1.08/month per +100Mbps

Private Network

Allocate your elastic cloud servers private IPv4 network addresses to isolate internal server-to-server network communications or for private cloud instances. Every elastic cloud deployed can be allocated one or multiple VLANs with network interfaces operating at 1000Mbps.

Dedicated Private VLAN
/24 subnet (254 total usable IPv4)
USD $20 per month

Private VLAN network traffic is billed at the following rates.

Data Sent USD $0.00108/GB
Data Received USD $0.00108/GB

Elastic Cloud Backup

Achieve peace-of-mind with automatic incremental daily backups.

Daily Snapshots USD $0.108/GB per month