Stack Harbor

DevOps Management
+ Cloud Infrastructure

for Web Development, SaaS
& Digital Marketing Agencies

Stack Harbor’s mission is to provide web developement & digital marketing agencies with continuous 24/7 devops operations management via an outsourced model, so you can focus on development and we'll handle aws cloud management, deploying CD/CI environments, cPanel/WHM operations, 24/7 service, website & infrastructure monitoring, proactive incident intervention and provide your in-house technical team with a dedicated support desk that is backed by highly exprienced engineers specialized in all aspects of cloud hosting and hosting infrastructure operations.

Is your hosting operations team prepared?

Infrastructure Management + Data Migration + Security Hardening + Backup Policy + Ongoing Linux, Windows, cPanel/WHM, CloudLinux Management + Ad Hoc Technical Support + 24/7 Network, Application, Server, Resource Monitoring + SPAM Protection + Intrusion Detection + Proactive Incident Response + Disaster Recovery

Business Reliability

Fault-tolerant cloud infrastructure designed to keep your critical workloads online by eliminating single point of failure.

Competitive Flexibility

Pay only for the resources you need, when you need them. Cloud servers can be scaled up or down as required, on-demand.

Professional Management

Professional management services designed to empower your business with piece of mind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We specialize in Digital Agency Hosting Mandates

Being Canadian-owned and operated is not only reflected in a strategic location offering low-latency direct peering to Canadian, American and Western European service providers, but also in our strict adherence to data privacy regulations and our commitment to green energy. Proudly headquartered in Montreal, Stack Harbor provides local, regional and national SMB & SME with a resilient Canadian cloud hosting solution.

Peace of mind & simplified IT with Managed Cloud services

For individuals, businesses and organizations with complex and changing hosting requirements, Stack Harbor’s Managed Cloud Services are architected, managed and monitored cloud hosting packages tailored to meet the needs of any operating environment.

Managed Services

Trusted Partners

Rapid OS & Application Deployment

Ready-to-deploy OS, container and application software stacks suited for all types of virtualized hosting environments.