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Fully Managed cPanel/WHM Servers

Let our team of world-class cPanel hosting experts provide you with a fully managed, turn-key cPanel/WHM environment optimized to perfection.

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cPanel, the most popular user interface for website management, allows for easy email, database and account management, while WHM, builds upon this functionality and makes it easier to configure services, manage DNS and FTP configuration, maintain multiple websites and actively control security settings.

The Power of Cloud Linux

Cloud Linux provides a reliable and stable website hosting virtual environment by isolating users to avoid “noisy neighbors”, improved server stability and security over traditional shared webhosting environments and allowing for ease-of-use and SSH full control.

Cloud Infrastructure

Eliminating any single point of failure, Stack Harbor’s Public Cloud service is engineered to offer resiliency and redundancy at all power, network and hardware layers, backed by SSAE16 SOC II Type II certification with direct peering throughout North American and Europe.

Network Monitoring

Continuous network monitoring ensures that your virtualized environment is running at peak performance, at all times. Proactive over reactive, network monitoring allows for ensured and continued high performance.

Fully Managed and Optimized

Allow the team at Stack Harbor to fully manage and optimize your cloud-based cPanel website hosting platform and enjoy the flexibility of the cloud, the security and reliability of CloudLinux and the peace-of-mind knowing that your online environment will be proactively monitored.

SSL Security & PCI Compliance

For business or ecommerce websites, increase customer confidence by ensuring all server-related PCI compliance requirements are met. By providing dedicated IP addresses and options ranging from shared, domain validated or extended validation SSL certificates, your end-users will comfort in knowing that their transactions and user data are safeguarded.

cPanel + CloudLinux

The capability of cPanel enhanced with the strength of CloudLinux

Combining superior security, rock-solid system stability and virtual resource allocation, CloudLinux, which is at the core of Stack Harbor’s cloud-based cPanel infrastructure, ensures your shared hosting environment is optimized to securely host your website and email while maximizing performance. With cloud-like resource monitoring & allocation, unrestricted SSH access and virtual tenancy isolation, CloudLinux bridges traditional cPanel website hosting with the power inherent in a cloud-enabled environment without requiring complex system administration expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a Cloud Server or VPS different from a physical or dedicated server?

Answer: Cloud Servers provide performance comparable to physical or dedicated servers, though at a lower cost, due to some capabilities being virtualized as opposed to provided by physical hardware components. A VPS creates a virtual machine housed on a physical server and, though shared with other virtual machines, is entirely segregated for privacy and security concerns.

Will I have root access to my Cloud Server?

Answer: Yes, you will have full root access to your virtual private servers.

How do I manage my Cloud Servers and add-on services?

Answer: Managing your Cloud Servers is easy, with the ability to stop, start, reboot and adjust your server directly through your web browser and Stack Harbor’s easy-to-use customer management interface.

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