What do you see in the cloud?

An uncompromising dedication to leading edge hardware, resilient network architecture and intuitive software-layer technologies has resulted in not only an agile—but also a powerful cloud experience.

Cloud Technology

Intelligent, fault-tolerant and self-healing infrastructure provides peace-of-mind in knowing that should any one piece of hardware fail, server processes are automatically migrated to standby hardware, ensuring maximum availability.

Management Interface

Providing ease-of-use and full control over all of your virtual resources, Stack Harbor’s customer management interface offers a single pane of glass from which you can easily update account information, request support and scale your virtual resources.

Turnkey Stacks

Explore ready-to-deploy OS, container and application software stacks suited for all types of virtualized hosting environments. Designed with both development and production environments in mind, Stack Harbor allows you to build a virtual environment from a host of popular Linux distributions or licensed Windows Server based solutions.

Made in Canada

Canadian-owned and operated, Stack Harbor is a homegrown solution with a uniquely Canadian approach to cloud-based hosting. Offering low-latency direct peering throughout North America and into Western Europe, adherence to Canadian privacy laws and regulations, and a commitment to green energy is only the beginning of our unique focus on providing a uniquely Canadian cloud platform to SMB and enterprise.

See what our cloud can do for you

Getting started couldn’t be easier. Open an account right now and deploy IaaS cloud services in minutes, or get in touch and our team will help you every step of the way.